History of Spitfire MK IX NH188


NH188/Jerry Billing 1964NH188 is a Spitfire IX and part of a batch of Spitfire's delivered to the RAF between April and June 1944 by Vickers-Armstrong at Castle Bromwich. It did in fact serve with 416 Squadron RCAF and was handed over to the RNAF's 308 Squadron on May 16, 1947. With the RNAF, it was registered as H-64 and then H-109. Thereafter it served with the Belgian Air Force from March 1952 till 1954, struck off charge after an accident on April 12, 1954. It was registered as OO-ARC between May 25, 1956 and August 1961. Sold to John N. Paterson of Ontario Canada it was registered CF-NUS, first flight in Canada 1962. Mr. Patterson donated the Spitfire to the Canadian National Aviation Museum in Ottawa in June of 1964. Jerry Billing was the pilot that delivered NH188 to the museum and did a 10 min aerobatic display before landing at the museum. NH188 has been on static display ever since, Jerry being the last pilot to fly NH188.

NH188 2005NH188 2005NH188 2005NH188 2005Spitfire NH188 on display in the Canadian National Aviation Museum 2005