Jerry Billing and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

1954 Queen DisplayJerry Billing in his flying career has had the honor of flying for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth twice. In 1954 Jerry was a exchange pilot serving for the RAF at Air Fighter Development Squadron Raynham. He displayed a F-86 Sabre IV for Her Majesty at Balmoral Castle on September 18th 1954.



Queens visit in Jerry's wordsIn 1984 Her Majesty visited Windsor Ontario, were once again Jerry Billing flew Spitfire MK923 as a curtain opener for Her Majesty at Dieppe Gardens.


Letter from the QueenA thank you letter from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to Jerry for the Spitfire display at Dieppe Gardens.




Jerry's letter to Her Majesty

A return letter Jerry wrote Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.




A return letter from the Queen

A return letter from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.




Jerry reading Queens Letter


After 50 consecutive years of flying Spitfire's Jerry Billing's family and friends had a party to celebrate this incredible feat. Once again Jerry Billing received congratulation from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.